Review Policy

By reviewing and rating a mobget you can help other users find mobgets best suited to them. By submitting a review you agree that your use of reviews and ratings are overseen by the our terms of use.

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  2. If you have purchased a mobget you will be able to submit a review.
  3. We cannot consider publishing a review with the following content:
    1. any form of unacceptable language
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    5. is in anyway libelous
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If you have a question about our reviews policy please ask us.

Review Guidelines

  1. Be objective and truthful giving a detailed and specific review as possible.
  2. Try to keep it short and concise with a descriptive title.
  3. Keep your review on topic and focused about the mobget you are reviewing.
  4. Please do not abuse the service and keep the language you use to a socially acceptable level.
  5. Here are some questions you may wish to ask yourself when writing a review:
    1. Is the functionality as expected?
    2. Which features do you like or dislike?
    3. Would you recommend others to download the mobget?
    4. Does the product compare with other or similar mobgets on the marketplace that you have used before?

If you have a complaint about a review or rating please let us know.