Refund Policy

We recommend where you are unsure of the mobget working as you intend it to work and where a trial version is available to try the mobget first so that you are fully aware of any issues before purchase. The final decision to refund is the sole right of Mobgets Ltd known as the "Publisher".

  1. Please note that Mobgets does not permit the return of or offer refunds for the following cases below:
    1. Mobgets bought for a different device or platform initially intended.
    2. Gift vouchers or discount codes not provided during checkout.
    3. For digital downloads such as ringtones and music tracks.
  2. The Buyer may cancel any order for a mobget up to the point of download and any payments made by the Buyer shall be refunded in full within 28 days if the decision has been made to make a refund. The Buyer may cancel any Contract for Services where the Product ordered by you is not available for download after a maximum period of seven days has passed from after the Contract was made. If, however, the Publisher performs its side of the Contract with the agreement of the Buyer before the Buyer exercises this right to cancel, the right to cancel is lost.
  3. Where a claim of defect or damage is made the Publisher shall not be responsible for the recovery of the mobget from the Buyer. The Buyer shall be entitled to a replacement or a full refund (excluding download or any other related costs by the Buyer) if the Mobget is in fact defective otherwise the Publisher reserves the right to replace the defective or damaged mobget before a refund is given.
  4. The right to cancel does not apply to contracts for the supply of mobgets where the mobget has been unsealed by the Consumer where the mobget comes shrink wrapped.
  5. The Publisher shall inform the Buyer within 28 days of date Buyer has made a refund request. Please note that the Buyer will receive a refund of all monies paid for the mobget (excluding any download charges or any other charges that the Buyer needs to make to recover the mobget) if all conditions of this Policy are meet.
  6. The Publisher has the final say, who also contacts the Provider of the mobget who also contributes in the decision as to whether or not the Buyer has the right to make a refund claim. It is in our interests that your purchase is a happy experience so we hope that we will be able to solve the Buyers issue before having to make a refund.
  7. A valid reason is required to be given in the event that the Buyer wishes to make a Refund claim. In order to make a refund claim please take a look at our refund request details and include a valid reason for the refund.
  8. If your request for a refund is settled the Buyer will be under obligation to remove the mobget from the device or computer and all licence or registration keys will need to be destroyed and that the mobget is no longer used in any circumstance. Failure to do this is in breach of our terms and conditions.
  9. The Publisher reserves the right to modify the Refund Policy to comply with any laws or regulations that this Policy does not cover.