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Exclusive NXOR Non-Exclusive

14th December, 2010
Orchids pretty much grow anywhere. Life pretty much florishes anywhere it has the chance. With the rise of the exclusive application store (well Apple, OVI, Blackberry and Microsoft now) we are starting to create an either me or you culture, which we all know is a great marketing and branding strategy. But really in the end we will all lose out.  The advent of the exclusive store is certainly not helping the user, they are starting to get annoyed by not finding the applications that they would like to find, or had the chance to find, and the developers are starting to get frustrated by not being able to present their work to the rest of the world. Maybe thats why man eating orchids came about ;) - but seriously.

How hard is it to create a place where the developer uploads their application (the exclusive location) and then have the application made available any time and place with the revenue going back to them? This at least would give the user the confidence in knowing that the application is safe and secure and also some vindication to the developer that the application passes the minimum requirements set.  
Android has risen because Google understands philosophy and are not treating us like blind consumer hungry idiots but rather giving us choice to decide.  They provide the user with the ability to accept the application even if it does not come from its store. This puts the decision firmly back in the hands of the user, allows the developer to be able to distribute the application how they wish. However this approach also makes it possible for the user to install an application that might access their private information without their knowledge - though isnt that how any application we download from the internet these days works? Android asks the user to provide permission to access some personal information when installing. There is nothing stopping having a virus checker on the phone that prevents unsolicited access to information that we would not like to divulge.  

Do we all agree that we should have at least some form of protection and at least know that the application functions as we expect it to function?  Engineers build models of bridges to see if they will withstand the weight, software engineers write test code to ensure that the code does what it is supposed to do. What is wrong with having a place to upload, to have some validation, and then for us to build our bridges where we need to build them once we know that they will work?  Lets stop arguing about whether the stores should be exclusive XOR non-exclusive (one or the other but not both) - why not NXOR? - two rights make a right?