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HTML5 apps vs The defibrillator

28th May, 2010

I wonder if one day a mobile device will have enough power to bring someone back to life? Imagine if you could save a life using a couple of mobile phones. There are a few hurdles to get over to say the least. How could a mobile phone ever deliver up to 360 joules of energy? Also, would we really want most of the planet carrying around devices that had the potential to deliver that much power? Think of the headlines - "Man suspected in killing parking attentant with mobile".


It could be possible though with a little bit of help from the local health service and of course our beloved mobile manufacturers, though I doubt that a battery as small as those used in mobile phones could ever deliver that much energy. Whats say that the device had the potential to plug into a greater power source and on sending a text to the health service the device could be remotely activated to enable it to deliver that much energy?  The company kiwok seem to be on the right track.

You are probably asking now what HTML5 has to do with a defibrillator?  Well given that HTML5 aims to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based rich internet application (RIA) technologies whats stopping us from creating a few more tags that could help save some lives?