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The importance of Responsive email design for Mobile

9th December, 2013
People are reading more of their emails on mobiles than ever before. What is important is that emails are delivered responsively designed (RWD) so that on any device the email can be read comfortably with horizontal scroll kept to a minimum. A lot of people that receive emails on their mobile, and the layout is not suitable, will often just delete the email or worse unsubscribe from the list. Marketers and brands should be taking note of the importance of this shift in design and make sure that their correspondence meets the needs of their customers. Responsive Email Design

There are many different templates out in the market though the ones we recommend are Ink from Zurb and Antwort from an independent developer. Each has its merits with each still requiring tweaking to get the layout that you might like for your brand.  Generally the reading of emails through the use of webmail is dropping while desktop is steady. Mobile on the other hand is on the rise. Make sure that your emails are responsive or pay the penalty.