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The Web App Icon

24th November, 2011

Recognising the gap in the market, Mobgets has collaborated with Skyron to create an icon to represent Web Apps. As a leading mobile app store, Mobgets is acutely aware of the need for this icon. There is no globally recognised icon to indicate a mobile Web App.

Web Apps Web Apps Web Apps Web Apps Web Apps

With the increased supply and demand of Web Apps - apps accessed over a network such as the Internet or an Intranet rather than locally - Mobgets acknowledges that consumers need to be made aware that an app is a Web App as opposed to a Native App as they do sometimes perform differently. With companies like Adobe, Apple and Google all throwing their might behind HTML5 and the development of Web Apps, it is clear that Web Apps are here to stay. Whilst in time, they may perform the same as native apps, we feel consumers need to be aware of the app format before buying.