Mobile Lighter Lite

Get all the attention and amaze your friends by showing them this realistic lighter in your mobile! Flaunt this cool application, with a life like flame of the lighter.

On your mobile enter 9895 at
Platform: Android™
Version: 1.0.20
Price: Free download!

The Mobile Lighter is the next best thing to having a real lighter! Just light it up and watch the flame flickering like the real one! It will move with your touch, and if you blow on it, it will go off!!

Many Exciting designs and colors for lighters available.
Choose your favorite lighter from a wide variety of lighters.
Just flick your wrist to open the lighter, just like you would for a real one!
It lights with a turn of your thumb, just like a real lighter.
Amaze your friends with this cool App!
Use this cool Mobile Lighter App during music concerts to hold above your head and sway with the rhythms! With this amazingly cool app you'll be the talk of the town!!

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