Resco Keyboard Pro

Enjoy Typing! Resco Keyboard Pro fully substitutes the built-in keyboard. It allows you to customize your device for fast insertion of frequently used phrases.The keyboard is fully skinnable and supports more than 20 national keyb. layouts.

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Platform: Windows Phone™
Version: 6.00
Price: £8.98

The Keyboard allows you to customize your Pocket PC for fast insertion of frequently used phrases. The keyboard is fully skinnable and supports more than 20 national keyboard layouts.

New Features
The main QWERTY Layout has been improved. The secondary symbols and national characters are now available after holding the original letter.
Slide your finger through the keyboard to switch the layout.
To access as many symbols as possible Resco has introduced a secondary symbol layout available from the original symbol/numerical layout.
All the keyboard settings are now available from the start menu.

National keyboard layouts
Gives you the ability to write in more than 20 languages (including Belgian, Canadian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Ukrainian).
Each language is represented as a standalone keyboard. You may use up to 4 different languages at a time.

New Navigation Layout
The layout serves for better navigation in larger texts with more paragraphs. Contains copy, cut, paste, delete and select all buttons helpful in case you want to make quick one click operations with the already typed phrases.

You may enter either the result or even the step by step calculation straight into the text.

Frequently Used Phrases
Fx layout allows you to write the frequently used phrases.
Tap the cell to type the text, or hold the key to edit the phrase.

Custom keyboard layout
Skilled users will be able to customize the keyboard layout by editing the textual description defining the characters assignment.
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