IQ Cracked Screen

IQ Cracked Screen

IQ Cracked Screen is a java software application that displays a realistic cracked screen image on your phone's display.

On your mobile enter 8419 at
Platform: Java
Version: 1.0
Price: Free download!

Have you ever looked for a cool display image or wanted to scare a friend? How about a cracked screen image?

You can use this little application to show a cracked screen image on your cell phone. It looks really realistic especially when the display backlight is turned off.

Imagine a friend’s face when he sees your cracked screen or better yet after you install this application on HIS phone. He will pick up his phone and see the cracked screen. For a few seconds his heart rate will go up two times :).

Tip: press 0 to change the image and any other key to exit the application.

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