This 3d flight sim contains 2 plot campaigns, 7 realistic models of aircrafts, Bluetooth multiplayer and the atmosphere of brutal duels in the skies.

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Platform: Java
Version: 1.0.0
Price: £3.00

Dogfight is a 3d flight game that combines the simplicity of arcade action and the complexity of a traditional sim. It is your chance to become a pilot in the cabin of one of the 7 realistic and historically accurate aircraft and take part in grim sky battles of The First World War. Choose your side – air forces of Germany or The Triple Entente and try to make a stunning military career turning from novice to the living legend and finally take the honor of Ace of The First World War away from the Red Baron.

The AI system forces you to use all the aerobatics you know. You are also able to fight against your friends in multiplayer mode.

Dogfight – the sky is calling for you!

Game features:

- 2 plot campaigns;

- Bluetooth multiplayer for up to six players;

- 4 game modes;

- 7 types of aircraft;

- 12 missions;

- Unique AI;

- Realistic destructible objects.

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