Cooking Pancakes

Test your cooking skills. Make delicious pancakes using this awesome recipe.

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Platform: Apple
Version: 1.0
Price: Free download!

Do you like cooking? Then you will love this cooking game.

Make 3 delicious pancakes with the help of the chef. Start by finding the ingredients located all around the kitchen. After finding all the ingredients you will proceed to the mixing part of the game. Follow the chef's instructions on how to mix the ingredients.

On the next section turn on the stove, then pour some pancake batter in the pan. Wait a few seconds when the spatula starts blinking, the pancake is ready to be flipped. Wait a few seconds again then plate the pancake. Repeat this steps for the next two pancakes.

Finally in the last section you will be able to decorate your pancakes, add syrup or even ice cream. Press the button with the fork to EAT YOUR PANCAKES.

Have fun cooking.
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