Count Doku

Be the one to solve the conundrums in time and beat Count Doku!

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Platform: Apple
Version: 2.2
Price: Free download!

Count Doku must be beaten! And the only way to do it is if someone solves the conundrum in time! That someone can only be you!

Deep underwater lives Count Doku, the clock that conjures up unique mind-boggling number puzzles for you to solve in limited times, using only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

But with each level increasing in difficulty with extra numbers and trickier targets, can you be the one to beat Count Doku? 


•Solve unique number conundrums like no other game in the App Store
•Amazingly addictive gameplay lasting for hours
•Play against the timer in the Arcade Mode
•Challenge your friends and anyone around the world with Game Centre integration to see who is the ultimate Count Doku champion
•Outstanding high definition design with mind stimulating colours to help increase brain power
•Competitions with fantastic prizes to be won coming soon
•Regular updates

Join in with the fun and be part of the phenomenon that is gripping millions all over the world!

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