Diabetes Tracker Lite

Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood. These high levels must be kept in check for an individual to live a normal life.

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Version: 1.3
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Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood. These high levels must be kept in check for an individual to live a normal life.

We with the help of this App are doing our small bit by trying to help you keep your diabetes in check.

Diabetes Tracker helps in the management of Diabetes by keeping a track on the blood glucose levels, the food that should be consumed, the medication required, and the exercises to be done.
This app will play the role of a complete guide for diabetic patients.

This most comprehensive diabetes tracking application takes away the need to carry around a pen and paper everywhere! You can now save your Blood Sugar entries directly in your mobile and send them to anyone you want! Your Doctor would be impressed, we bet!

Why Diabetes Tacker?
Save Blood sugar entries directly in your phone.
♦ Rejuvenate body, mind & health with exclusive exercises and tasty food recipes.
Warm-up, Yoga poses, & Aerobics with instructions and images.
♦ Detailed graphs and reports to monitor your success!
Track your Insulin intake and all your Medicines so that you don't miss any!
Set reminders to ensure timely intake of medicines.
♦ Maintain all your Expenses and view the Total Spent and Averages.
Password protection to keep the peeping toms away.
♦ Detailed records for proper consultations.
Share data with anyone via Email or move it to SD Card.

This app is actually noteworthy for those who seek perfection of body and mind!

Medicine Tracker
Doctors & Appointments

Glucometer: Manage your Diabetes levels effectively by tracking your glucose levels. You can view all current or various average readings in a list view or via detailed graphs and reports.

Medicine Tracker: Keep a track of your Insulin intake and all your Medicines. You can also schedule alarm reminders of your medicines and keep a Track of the list of medicines that are taken and those that are dismissed.

Doctors & Appointments: Maintain an extensive list of Doctors and call them from within the app. You can add and view all your Current and Previous Appointments so that you never miss any of them.

Food: Easy to make, tasty recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers and Salads to help in better management of your diabetes levels. Along with this, there are Diet Guidelines for the various Types of Diabetes and superfoods that will help you to keep a check on your glucose levels.

Exercise: Enhance your workout experience with comprehensive exercises including a warm-up, yoga poses, and aerobics with proper instructions and images. These exercises will especially help in curbing and improving your the affected diabetes levels.

Download Diabetes Tracker today and see for yourself how easy it is to keep track of your health condition. Also use suggestive corrective steps that can be taken to improve your diabetes levels.

If you want to improve your health status this app is everything you need! Exclusive combination of food, exercises, and glucometer contributes in improving quality of life and also assures long-term good health.

Download NOW and discover how to prevent and control diabetes!

Note: Please consult your Doctor before you start any Exercise regime or consume any foods given in the app.

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