The Theft Master

Underworld sure sounds like a tempting place with glamour, money & power. Have you ever fantasized of being the ruler of such an Underworld? Here is your chance to become the undisputed king of this devil realm.

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Platform: Android™
Version: 1.4
Price: Free download!

Think twice before you go ahead! It won't be easy to get this title. You have to steal the most precious antiques around the world. These antiques are kept safely in high security museums. It's your quest now to steal those collectibles.

Are you the swift and stealthy one who will steal the most valuable antiques and become...
'The Theft Master'

● Non stop excitement with 450 thrilling levels!
3 Exciting modes Normal, Challenger and Survival.
● Reach your aim by dodging deadly lasers, Electric current, and much more!
● Create mind-boggling strategies to get through the most complex security systems.
Unexpected twists will keep you glued to your mobile screen!
● Excellent visual experience and captivating graphics.
● Numerous achievements to earn.

Complete the tasks, steal all that you can, & achieve the most desirable title – The Theft Master.

3 Challenging modes that will take you to the most adventurous journey ever-

Normal: Steal the precious antiques from the museums! Stay focused towards achieving your goal and move ahead to steal them while at the same time save yourself from the obstacles.

Challenger: Don't make a strategy just to get down there, but you have to come out as well. Be careful, the obstacles will be getting more complex, implement your tactics and getaway before you are caught!

Survival: Now there is a twist, Don't forget the time is running out! Sneak out of the museum with the stolen artefact before the siren goes off! Beware of the Laser Balls, You don't want to be fried like a chicken, do you?

Get ready for the ultimate challenge and use your powers to overcome the dangerous maze ahead of you. Now don't think twice and experience the fun for yourself. The thrilling game of Theft Master puts the dark, ruthless and intriguing world of crime at your fingertips.

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