Contacts & Apps Lock

Now you can secure not just your Contacts but also your SMS & unlimited Apps like facebook, whatsapp, Email, Gmail, twitter, instagram, & so much more!

On your mobile enter 11815 at
Platform: Android™
Version: 1.15
Price: Free download!

Now you can secure not just your Contacts but also your SMS & unlimited Apps like facebook, whatsapp, Email, Gmail, twitter, instagram, & so much more!

With Contacts & Apps Lock you will be able to lock Contacts along with various applications that will make your phone completely secure! It's the most efficient App to keep your privacy intact! Get it now!

Checkout what users are saying about our Contacts & Apps Lock -

17th December, 2012: Olivia Gray “I am very much impressed and intrigued at the same time. Great app!”

19th December, 2012: Duke Wilhelm “A real gem amongst so many worthless apps in market. Just super!”

9th May, 2013: Phoenix Marie “This is a wonderful app, useful and quite easy to use as well!”

Do you hate it when people go through your mobile, especially your personal contacts and private Apps? Have you been looking for an app that locks your contacts along with access to your phone's Apps? Then 'Contacts & Apps Lock' is perfect for you! Get it now and keep your phone safe and secure at all times!

Show only what you want seen! Secure all your contacts & apps by saving them behind a password set by you and they will be inaccessible to all others. Locking your contacts & private Apps with Contacts & Apps Lock gives you control over who sees what.

You won't need to worry any more about intruding friends and family members because no matter how much they try, they will never be able to see that secret part of your life without your permission!

Password protect your Contacts and keep your privacy intact.
♦ You can also lock apps in your phone.
♦ Set a time interval from the Settings tab to keep your Contacts & Apps unlocked for that time.
♦ You can enable & disable Apps Lock directly through Widget.
♦ Share this must have security app via Bluetooth, Gmail, SMS, etc.
♦ Contacts & Apps Lock has a clean user interface which is easy to use.

With Contacts & Apps Lock, privacy is no longer an issue! It has a smart combination of features that makes it a top security app that you must have!

You can get a bag full of amazing security features with this stunning Contacts & Apps Lock!

♦ Lock access to all those apps you consider personal with 'Apps Lock'!
♦ Secure your files with extra ordinary 'Voice Lock'!
♦ 'Double Door Protection' lets you put two types of locks to protect all your data & apps!
♦ With 'Stealth Mode' hide the app icon or choose a Fake Icon for this App!
♦ 'Break In Alert' notifies you whenever someone enters the wrong password. It captures the intruder's picture! Feels great, no? :)
♦ Make Pin/ Pattern Invisible- Your Pin will now appear as dots so as to hide it from others. Hide the pattern drawn & secure it from everyone.
♦ With Random Keyboard shuffle the order of keys so that no one can guess your Pin!
♦ Now easily navigate between locked apps without any password interruptions with 'Safe Navigation'.
♦ Screen on Lock protects your screen with a password even when it is unlocked.
♦ Advanced options allows you to lock Force Stop, Screen On, Safe Navigation, Uninstall, Task Manager, Settings, SD/MMC & Incoming calls.

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