Wallpaper girls lite

Wallpapers with girls, models and celebrities in high quality HD.

On your mobile enter 10655 at http://m.mobgets.com/search
Platform: Android™
Version: 2.0
Price: Free download!

Wallpapers with girls, models and celebrities in high quality HD.

Great app to view and set the wallpaper on your mobile device in HD quality. The database of more than 1000 images are replenished each day. Subject images - only girls. The application is very simple and easy to use. Each picture attached different tags that you can view and find the chosen tag other pictures. You can download your favorite wallpaper for your device in several resolutions. Also, if you do not want to open the application, anyone can set a password to enter.
The application saves Internet traffic by thumbnails. When viewing images in the mode of three, loaded a small copy of the original wallpaper, which increases speed and saves Internet traffic. In addition it gives less stress on the battery.

Main functions:
- View pictures in gallery mode to 3 pictures, or one by one.
- Image Search by tags.
- Set your device wallpaper mode three screens.
- Download images in the following sizes: 1440X1280, 960X800, 640X480, 480X320
- Set a password to log into the application.
- View the most popular wallpaper.
- Scroll through the selected number of images for fast moving.
- Increase the image.

Planned updates:
- Sync with accounts of Google, facebook, vkontakte. The ability to publish the picture on the wall of the user

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