Techno Charger Free

Now make your stupid friends think you can charge your mobile without electricity! It will leave them wonder for hours, “How did that happen!

On your mobile enter 10608 at
Platform: Java
Version: 2.04
Price: Free download!

Now amaze and convince others that you can charge your phone battery without electricity.
Fool them  into thinking that you can charge your phone battery anytime anywhere, simply by touching your finger on the phone screen, and also by rubbing the phone screen.
Set default battery eg 10%, 20%, 30% etc.
Just touch the phone screen, and it will start fake charging.
Make it vibrate while your phone charges.
There is also an accompanied sound with the charging
Rub your finger on phone and show that phone battery is charging even faster.
Hurry Up ! Impress your friends with this cool App.
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