Kids Book Free

Are you parents of a growing child? Then you must be worried about his elementary education which should start at home. You don't have to worry anymore, because we have just the solution to all your worries for your kid!

On your mobile enter 10310 at
Platform: Java
Version: 2.04
Price: Free download!

Get this revolutionary teaching gadget for you kid! He will learn faster than you expected!
Teach your kids English alphabets with the help of pictures and suggestive words to make learning easier.

A fun way to make your kids interested in play & learn. It has been proved that 'play & learn' is the smartest way to teach small kids.

Make your mobile phone a knowledge center for your kid. Turn the mobile experience into a learning experience for your kid.

Now you don't need to buy books to teach alphabets to your children. This digital book will help you to take care of your kid's basic studies.

Teach alphabets in capitals and small letters with simple words and with pictures also.

Home is the first school for a child, make it his favorite one.
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